The road to your dream backyard oasis


The road to your dream backyard oasis

Your backyard will go through a progressive construction process to convert it from its current condition to the backyard of your dreams. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way to make your backyard transformation seamless.

Stage 1


A messy, dirty process that is exciting and unavoidable. An excavation crew carefully digs and hand-trims your pool in precise accordance with every detail of your swimming pool’s design specifications.

Stage 2


Plumbing is installed and pressurized to ensure pipes are not leaking. They are held under pressure until after gunite.

Stage 3

Form & Steel

The pre-plumbing, form work, and rebar all set to the dimensions of the pool design.

Stage 4


Sprayed concrete into all areas of the pool, creating a monolithic shell.

Stage 5

Tile & Coping

Now its time for the Jewels of the pool, we start installing the tile and stone you selected.

Stage 6


Your custom deck materials or Flat-work will be installed.

Stage 7


Depending on your choice of materials (standard white finish, blue, gray, pebble, quartz, and jewel finishes) it will render different polychromatic features in the pool water.

Stage 8

Acid Wash

Acid washing the swimming pool’s plaster surface is a maintenance procedure that may be needed periodically throughout the life of your swimming pool.

Stage 9


The Final Stage is filling the pool with water until it reaches the middle of the skimmer box.